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Wenger Play 442!!..But Why?

August 25, 2014

442 We need it! We Will WiN!!!


Over the past two- three years,the biggest concern with Arsenal and its supporters, Besides transfer policy, and besides loyalty to certain players, its the formation or lack of tactics from Wenger.. Simply it’s said plenty of times we need to play the 442, its how we went undefeated, its how we got to the UCL Final, its when the league was decided by only United and AFC. 


…. Well harsh reality is, the 442 is outdated and the game has evolved so much that the formation is irrelevant.. imagine we line up in a 442 one central midfielder is Rambo (by popular demand) and you fill in the blank with your own personal fave DM _________. We lined up against a midfield which consisted of Kroos, Modric, James.. We than later in the week lined up against a team like Xavi, Busquets, iniesta.. Or play against Schweinsteiger, Muller, Martinez.. Its almost a double edged sword, do we get physically beat by size and pace? Do we get beat by the constant tiki-taka and chase in the middle? 

Another concern in the 442, is where would we actually play our team? Ramsey central for sure, But what about Ozil, a midfield of rambo and Ozil alone would get destroyed week in and week out. Easy fix! Ozil plays wide left! and we get our CDM… but then (well we all saw how effective Mesut is as a wide player just does not suit him at all)..


So I 100% agree with Wenger’s 4231.. But on a different look, i would LOVE to see us play a Barca style 433..


Would love to see One Defensive mid, who never ever gets ahead of the ball, stays back strictly for defensive work.. that way even when both our fullbacks push up we should have a numerical advantage on the counter attack with Per, Kos/Chambers, and our DM.. In this more attacking formation, it would give us the benefit of getting the absolute best out Mesut and more importantly Santi!


As we all know Cazorla still has MAJOR game left in the tank.. But its the physical attributes he losing. His vision and creativity gets completely cut in half outside having to challenge much faster players, its no coincidence when Cazorla has amazing goals and assists he has drifted into the middle.. and in this way we would never have to play people out of position. were perfectly balanced for it. at the two advanced mid positions we could all rotate, Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Rambo.. we could do a roration of 2 games on 1 game off, and we wouldn’t have to ever worry about one quality player being over played. Of course in when the big games pile up some will get more minutes than others, but this type of rotation I guarantee we would have much fresher players in the long run. On the wings, we would then have Ox, Alexis, Theo, Joel, Poldi (I pray is still around) all rotating for 2 positions.. and need I mention that Cazorla and Ozil will be feeding them from a central position at the same time!!

Its a minor adjustment but when that i think we could benefit from massively, because lets be honest more times than not we play against sides that are parking the bus and might as well combat it with an extra number with the quality we can offer..

Now the question then comes back to, Will Wenger Spend Some Fucking Money and Buy a DAMN CDM!! well in all honesty Khedira fits the bill, yes he does play more of a Box to Box central mid, But his size, strength, and aerial ability, under Wenger i have no problem to believe he can make him stay behind the ball. My vote goes to Khedira. Last year missing out on Luiz G from Bayern was a major blow. He would have fit into the system flawlessly. There are a few others that could fit in Morgan from Southampton, Carvlaho for anything under 20 would be good. Bender would do the job fine. Then again it’s all up to the boss to see what direction he is going in. I can not wait for September 1st so we can get on with the season and not have to think about anymore transfers, I absolutely hate this time of the year..


Thank you for reading please comment on your thoughts what would you change if anything..



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